The Farm


The Farm at Agritopia has three principles that guide our growth: production, beauty and education. We run a commercial farm growing UDSA certified organic produce for surrounding restaurants and the community. On site, we also have a gorgeous tranquil biblical garden as well as a thriving community garden.

The commercial portion of the farm has three different growing areas, that have been growing to Certified Organic standards since 2002. There are row crops, the citrus and stone fruit orchard, and we even have an area where we grow Medjool dates and olives.

The Community Garden area of the farm is for those who would like to grow their own produce and share with others their gardening journey. While the plots belong to individual gardeners, the walking paths between are free for everyone to walk through and enjoy. Learn more about the Community Garden.

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The farm is not only meant for production, but as a place of beauty and to enjoy urban agriculture in Arizona.

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Biblical Garden

The Biblical Garden is a special section of the farm. The climate of our Arizona desert, and the middle east are very similar. In the Biblical Garden, located north of the Community Garden, one can find numerous plants and their citations in the bible. It's a peaceful place to sit and reflect and enjoy the scenery. 

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Katie Critchley

Farm Director

Tim Colby

Head Farmer

Rebecca Brazeal

Volunteer Coordinator and Community Garden Liaison