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The Farm at Agritopia

In 2015 the Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture was formed to protect the 11 acre certified organic farm, that is at the heart of Agritopia.  The Foundation is focused on preserving urban farming in Arizona through production, beauty, and education. Through the Farm at Agritopia we are bringing the community together to share our passion for growing through CSA memberships, events, and volunteer programs.


Our Harvest




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Visit The Farm

The Farm at Agritopia is located in the Agritopia neighborhood on the North West side of Ray Rd. and Higley Rd. It was created not only to preserve urban agriculture on this land, but as a place for the community to gather and enjoy.

Feel free to come and visit the farm to find out what the current season is sprouting. There's a lot to explore around the farm; from great onsite restaurants, to a peaceful community garden. Be sure to check out our events page to find out the latest on U-Picks and classes.


Barnone: A makers community and home to the Farm

U-Picks are seasonal. Check our events page for details on the next U-Pick

Farm Tours - Every 3rd Wednesday of the month. September-June, rain or shine. Meet at 10am in front of The Farm Store

The Farm Store is open daily 7am-7pm. Find fresh produce and your favorite local products

Farm Night: Every Wednesday from 5:00pm-8:00pm. Farm Night will resume October, 16th.



Natural  Beauty

The farm is a stunning area and we take pride in creating an environment that not only grows produce, but creates a gorgeous area for everyone to enjoy.

You can now celebrate your next life event in the beautiful surroundings of the farm. From weddings to dinners, we have a space for you. Find out more information here.

The farm is a popular destination for photographers. We do require a site fee to be paid for professional photography sessions (persons being paid cash or barter in exchange for their session). Please check our photography page for more information.



Preserving Urban Farming

This farm land was has been producing for many years, and the history of the farm is an integral part of the neighborhood. To learn more about the history of the farm, make sure you visit our Farm Page.

To ensure that this land remains farmland in perpetuity,  Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture was created. We can look forward to many years producing for the community.